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Fascia Cleaning

UPVC cleaning in Basingstoke

Majority of homes nowadays are using white UPVC for gutters, soffits and cladding and these can get dirty quickly. 

Without proper maintenance can lead to permanently discolouring and damaging your fascia which could leave you with a bill of thousands when come to replacing them. Properly maintaining them is the cheaper option and our Fascia Cleaning prices start form only £25

We clean Fascia's and Soffits by using our specialist reach & wash system which can reach up to 30ft or 2 story high buildings, this allows us to perform the working safely from the ground and still give a great result.

We find the Reach & Wash actually cleans better than if we were to clean by hand as our brushes can reach into much smaller spaces and reaches them harder to reach places. 

Not only do we do Fascia Cleaning but we also clean Garage doors and perform UPVC restoration.

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